Austrian Currency 100 Kronen banknote 1922 Princess Berthe of Rohan

Austrian Currency 100 Kronen banknote 1922 Princess Berthe of Rohan

Currency of Austria 100 Kronen banknote 1922 Princess Berthe of Rohan
Austro-Hungarian Bank - Österreichisch-ungarische Bank
Austrian Government

Obverse: Portrait of Princess Berthe of Rohan at right.

  It is believed that the portrait shows Princess Maria Bertha Franciska Felicia zu Rohan. However, it was not the intention of Oesterreichisch-Ungarische Bank to select this portrait due to the fact it shows a representant of an aristocratic family - and certainly not in 1922, when the First Republic was already established. The plate for this portrait is originally from Austro-Hungarian 10 Kronen banknote 1904.
In these days the identities of the persons displayed on Austrian banknotes were kept secret. The task of the artist was just to work out a portrait showing an "ideal child's head". He was free to select any model which he deemed suitable.

Reverse: The nominal value at center, floral design with guilloche rosettes.
Size: 107 × 79 mm.
Color: Green.
Designer: Rudolf Junk and Rudolf Rössler.

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1922 Issue

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Rudolf Rössler 1864 - 1934
The work of Rudolf Rossler is delightfully reminiscent of old romantic days of delicate figures and dimples cherubs. Born in 1864 in Gablonz, Bohemia, he became a celebrated painter of the Austrian school and specialized in allegorical subjects.  The artist made his mark as an outstanding draftsman and a superb, yet subtle, colorist.

Princess Berthe of Rohan
Berthe de Rohan (French: Marie-Berthe Françoise Félicie Jeanne de Rohan, Princesse de Rohan) (21 May 1868 – 19 January 1945) was the ninth and youngest child of Prince Arthur of Rohan and his wife Countess Gabriela of Waldstein-Wartenberg.
  Berthe was a Princess of Rohan and member of the House of Rohan by birth. She was born in Teplitz, Kingdom of Bohemia, Austria–Hungary. Through her marriage to Carlos, Duke of Madrid, Carlist claimant to the Spanish throne, Berthe was titular Queen consort of Spain, France, and Navarre.
  Berthe married Carlos, Duke of Madrid, second son, eldest son of Juan, Count of Montizón and his wife Archduchess Maria Beatrix of Austria-Este, on 28 April 1894 in Prague. Their union produced no issue.
  Berthe died in Vienna, Greater German Reich, aged 76.

Titles and styles
 - 21 May 1868 – 28 April 1894: Her Highness Princess Berthe of Rohan
 - 28 April 1894 – 18 July 1909: Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Madrid, Princess of Rohan
 - 18 July 1909 – 19 January 1945: Her Royal Highness The Dowager Duchess of Madrid, Princess of Rohan