Switzerland Currency 200 Swiss Francs banknote 2018

Switzerland Currency 200 Swiss Francs banknote 2018Switzerland money currency 200 Swiss Francs banknote 2018

Currency of Switzerland 200 Swiss Francs banknote 2018
Swiss National Bank
Schweizerische Nationalbank - Banque nationale suisse - Banca nazionale svizzera - Banca naziunala svizra

The 200-franc note focuses on Switzerland’s scientific expertise – expressed by matter, the note’s key motif.
In the course of the ninth banknote series the globe rotates the full 360° ... and Switzerland turns with it.

Obverse: On the front of the note is a depiction of the Big Bang, together with the main known elementary particles according to the Standard Model of particle physics. The fingers of the hand describe three axis coordinates, representing the spatial dimensions in which matter expands. Over the globe, the earth’s land masses during the late Cretaceous period are shown. The security strip features an abstract map of the geological ages of Switzerland and its neighbouring countries, as well as a timeline showing some of the stages in the formation of the universe.

Reverse: The particle collision expresses the key motif of the note and highlights the international importance of Swiss scientific activities. The depiction of a particle detector represents Switzerland as a research hub. There are many other design elements on the note, all of which illustrate its theme of scientific expertise and its key motif, matter.

  The new banknotes meet Switzerland’s traditionally high security standards for its currency. They have numerous security features – some new, some tried and tested.
  All six denominations have the same security features. Using a range of technologies, they are incorporated into both the front and the back of the note’s innovative, three-layer substrate (Durasafe®).
  The new series offers a unique combination of complex security features and sophisticated design, making it difficult to counterfeit.

Watermark: Two watermarks – the Swiss flag and the globe – are incorporated into the note (position E). Hold the note up to the light: on the left, you can see the outline of the Swiss flag and, on the right, the globe.
See-through register: On both sides of the note, an incomplete Swiss cross is printed in the lower section. Hold the note up to the light: a complete Swiss cross appears in outline.
Microtext: On the front of the note (position B), inside the Swiss flag, you will find a piece of text written in the four national languages. Examine the Swiss flag with a magnifying glass: you can make out the text in microlettering. Some of the text is in dark letters on a light background and some in light-coloured letters on a dark background.
Ultraviolet globe: On the front of the note, top right, is a globe which only becomes visible under ultraviolet light. Examine the note under ultraviolet light: the globe will show up brightly, while the background remains dull in contrast.
Ultraviolet fibres: The paper on both sides of the note contains flecks which only become visible under ultraviolet light. Examine the note under ultraviolet light: all over the note you will see flecks light up in different colours.

Main colour: Brown.
Dimensions: 70 x 151 mm.
Date of issue: 22 August 2018.