Turkmenistan Money 1 Manat banknote 1993

Turkmenistan money currency 1 Manat banknote 1993 Antique tribal jewelry
Turkmenistan money currency 1 Manat banknote 1993 Mausoleum of Il-Arslan

Currency of Turkmenistan 1 Manat banknote 1993
Central State Bank of Turkmenistan - Türkmenistanyň Merkezi Döwlet Banky

Obverse: Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan at center. Old silver pendant necklace from Turkmenistan - Antique Turkmen tribal jewelry.
Reverse: The State Emblem of Turkmenistan at left (version 1992-2000). Mausoleum of Il-Arslan at center.

Watermark: Akhal-Teke horse. Yanardag (Turkmen: Ýanardag/Янардаг "Fiery Mountain", born 1991), is an Akhal-Teke stallion owned by the former President of Turkmenistan, Saparmurat Niyazov.
Size: 120 x 60 mm.

The “tumor” or “tumar” is a silver, generally triangular-shaped ornament pendant necklace that is worn over the breast.
  This amulet, in the shape of a triangle, or tumar, was worn on the chest and presents an interesting variation of the standard tumar design. Tumar-shaped jewelry usually consists of three sections: a triangular mountain motif, a bozbend tube meant for prayer scrolls, and an inverted mountain symbol from which spherical pendants are suspended. A cylindrical tube, or bozbend, embellished with cabochon-cut carnelians and turquoise beads features prominently in the center. It would have held a Muslim prayer scroll, thus enhancing the talismanic powers of the entire piece. The solidness of the upper part is balanced by the dangling elements extending below it, which produced a soft, pleasant sound.