Colombian Money 10000 Pesos banknote 2016 Virginia Gutierrez de Pineda

Colombian Money 10000 Pesos banknote 2016 Virginia Gutierrez de Pineda
Colombian money currency 10000 Pesos banknote 2016 Amazon river of Colombia

Currency of Colombia 10000 Pesos banknote 2016 Virginia Gutierrez de Pineda
Banco de la República (Colombia)  - Central bank of the Republic of Colombia

Obverse: Anthropologist Virginia Gutiérrez de Pineda standing, holding book & Portrait of Virginia Gutiérrez de Pineda close-up (anthropologist Virginia Gutierrez de Pineda, a pioneer in family research in Colombia). Images with color change and movement: Rana Arborícola (Hypsiboas granosus) tree frog. Denomination in dark red-to-light red OVI; BRC as registration device; water lily flower as registration device.
Text: “10 MIL PESOS” in the upper left corner.
The signatures of the Governor of the Central Bank and its Deputy Executive Governor.
Undulating stripes on the sides of the face.

Reverse: An image of the Amazon with its exotic biodiversity. Amazonas and the people of the river (Man on a canoe on the Amazon river of Colombia), leaves, snake, turtle, caiman, Queen Victoria's water lily (victoria amazonica), text from Virginia Gutiérrez’s book Familia y cultura en Colombia; fragment from the one of the most representative books of Virginia Gutiérrez «Familia y cultura en Colombia» "Family and culture in Colombia".
The logo of Banco de la República.
The texts “10 MIL PESOS” and “DIEZ MIL PESOS.”

Watermark: On the left side of the banknote Anthropologist Virginia Gutiérrez de Pineda face appears against the light, with a threedimensional effect and the number “10.”.
Size: Its measurements are 143 x 66 mm; it is printed on 100% cotton security paper.
Signature Escobar/Buitrago.
Prefix AA. 19 DE AGOSTO DE 2015. Introduction: 7.12.2016.