Brazilian Currency 10 Reals banknote 2010 Macaw

Brazilian Currency 10 Reals banknote 2010 Effigy of the Republic
Brazilian Currency 10 Reals banknote 2010 Green-winged Macaw Ara

Currency of Brazil 10 Reals banknote 2010 Macaw
Central Bank of Brazil - Banco Central do Brasil
Second Banknote Series, launched in December 2010
The theme of the current family of banknotes — an effigy of the Republic on the front and Brazilian animals on the back.

Obverse: Effigy of the Republic, portrayed as a sculpture. The inscription: "REPÚBLICA FEDERATIVA DO BRASIL" (Federative Republic of Brazil) at upper center. The face value of the banknote"10 REAIS" 10 REALS at bottom left and it also has a large numeral at upper right.

Reverse: Picture of a Green-winged macaw (Ara chloreptera), large colorful parrot of the Psittacidae family. It is found in the Brazilian territory and in other Latin-American countries. On the right side are two Green-winged Macaws in the flight. The bank name: "BANCO CENTRAL DO BRASIL" (Central Bank of Brazil) at upper left. The face value "10" at upper left & right and in words "DEZ REAIS" (TEN REALS) at bottom right.
  Signatures: Henrique Meirelles (MINISTRO DA FAZENDA - Minister of Finance) and Ilan Goldfajn (PRESIDENTE DO BANCO CENTRAL DO BRASIL - President of the Central Bank of Brazil).

Watermark: Green-winged macaw and electrotype 10.
Puzzle number as registration device.
Holographic stripe. Solid security thread with demetalized 10 REAIS.
Dimensions: 135 mm × 65 mm.
Predominant color: Brown and rose on multicolored underprint.
Printer: Casa da Moeda do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro.
Date of first issue: 29 July 2013.