Brazilian Currency 100 Reals banknote 2010 Dusky grouper

Brazilian Currency 100 Reals banknote 2010 Effigy of the Republic
Brazilian Currency 100 Reals banknote 2010 Brazil's Marine Life Dusky Grouper coral reef

Currency of Brazil 100 Reals banknote 2010 Dusky grouper
Central Bank of Brazil - Banco Central do Brasil
Second Banknote Series, launched in December 2010
The theme of the current family of banknotes — an effigy of the Republic on the front and Brazilian animals on the back.

Obverse: Effigy of the Republic, portrayed as a sculpture. Underwater plants and starfish. The inscription: "REPÚBLICA FEDERATIVA DO BRASIL" (Federative Republic of Brazil) at upper center. The face value of the banknote"100 REAIS" 100 REALS at bottom left and it also has a large numeral at upper right.

Reverse: Brazil's Marine Life - Picture of a Dusky Grouper (Epinephelus marginatus) in coral reef, fish of the family Serranidae, and it is one of the most known found in the Brazilian coast. The bank name: "BANCO CENTRAL DO BRASIL" (Central Bank of Brazil) at upper left. The face value "100" at upper left & right and in words "CEM REAIS" (ONE HUNDRED REALS) at bottom right.
  Signatures: Henrique de Campos Meirelles (MINISTRO DA FAZENDA - Minister of Finance) and Ilan Goldfajn (PRESIDENTE DO BANCO CENTRAL DO BRASIL - President of the Central Bank of Brazil).

Watermark: Dusky Grouper and electrotype 100.
Puzzle number as registration device.
Holographic stripe. Solid security thread with demetalized 100 REAIS.
Dimensions: 156 x 70 mm.
Predominant color: Aqua and light blue on multicolored underprint.
Printer: Casa da Moeda do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro.
Date of first issue: 13 December 2010.